Happy Bloggy Birthday!

I started this blog one year ago, with no real vision of its future. While I was tremendously excited about the new endeavor, I was realistically doubtful. You see, I was horrible with diaries as a child, many of them were lucky to last an entire month. Life has a way of sweeping you along, leaving you little time for reflection, much less time for writing. Then again, as a child I hardly had anything remotely related to the patience such journaling required.

My reasons for blogging was both a selfish need to write quasi-regularly and my desire to share my thoughts, experiences, rants, and ravings with whoever wanted to pay attention. I did not expect it to last very long, nor to develop as much as it has. What started with a single book review, has grown to contain its own review station (if you haven’t seen it yet, check out the Simply Amazing Books link). Yes, this blog has done more than survive. Although, I can hardly claim any credit. I just write the stuff. The success of this blog is mostly due to you, my readers. Without you, this blog would be… pointless. Pointless and dead. So thank you.

Here’s to another year of bloggy memories! Cheers!