Rainy Day Observations

It has been a weathery week in Phoenix. Temperatures are starting to become tolerable, which has led to an increase in rain and wind storms.  I absolutely love these changes and am looking forward to when winter comes to the desert.  However, hailing from the Midwest (where weather changes as drastically and frequently as it wants to), I had never realized how odd and amusing weather could actually be. Here are my Top 5 Rainy Day Observations:


Any minuscule fragment of cloud in the sky triggers meteorologist to predict a chance of rain for at least a few days.


Any rain, regardless of the time of year, is classified as “monsoon” and can range from a few drops to an actual downpour.


Regardless of the amount, when a “monsoon” does occur, it is ALWAYS coupled with all the necessary storm/flood warnings.


While nature precipitates, most locals lose all ability to drive in a safe or even logical manner.



The first day of major rain, everyone’s top priority is winterizing their car… which means heading to Auto Zone and replacing the windshield wipers.

Never before had I realized the dangers of a few drops of rain. I have learned to ignore the weather reports. They are spot on when it comes to hot and sunny, but always wrong when it comes to any actual weather. Flooding is always a risk around here, but I don’t see the adamant danger of a 10 minute sprinkle, most of which evaporates before it hits the ground. Roads that could barely be considered wet somehow trigger insanity in drivers,  forcing them to swerve madly, often directly into another vehicle. (I know some people say this is a fairly standard characteristic of these city drivers, whether it is raining or not.)  On a happy note, my car is already winterized and I didn’t need to spend a fortune on tires or chains. Whoot!


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