A Tribute to the Classics

Nintendo is known (both famously and notoriously) for their console accessories. Today I invested one such accessory… an adapter cartridge for my Super Nintendo called the Super Game Boy.  As the name suggests, it allows Game Boy games (and a handful of Game Boy Color games) to be played on the SNES. This is what it looks like:

Super Game Boy

I am excited by this new addition to my SNES collection, because it opens up my gaming world to new and exciting possibilities… I can explore worlds only Game Boy owners have seen. I can defeat monochromatic monsters on a full size television screen, unaffected by the variable light in the room! Yes, my classic gaming prowess shall truly reach its potential. Or not. But you got to admit, it is a great way to pass the time!

On an interesting  note, I realized that a Super Game Boy can only be as good as the Game Boy game… and of course, I didn’t have any. Before you criticize my apparent lack of thinking things through, I want you to think. Why would I have Game Boy games if I don’t have a Game Boy?!?! Duh! But that was then… now… yes…. now I have the means AND the opportunity! Thus I used the Super Game Boy as an excuse to by this:


I’ve heard from a reliable source that DuckTales is fun and worth the purchase. (Amusing when considering how much I actually paid for it…) Apparently it was even worthy of a sequel game. Not having played through it yet, I cannot confirm or deny the quality. However, I have played the beginning bit of the first level, and so far it seems to be pretty decent. I was a fervent believer in DuckTales as a child, so hopefully this experience won’t break the foundations of my being.


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