Nobody likes me; Everybody hates me; Guess I’ll go eat… worms?

Apologies. It has been a long time since my last blog post. It hasn’t been due to a lack of material… more so a lack of spirit. Yes, my dear friends, I am suffering from a severe lack of belonging due to the horrendous nature of our current economy.

It seems  no one in the giant metro of Phoenix can see value in my person, or any person for that matter.  Since moving to the near-area, I have been busily applying to every job someone with standards could possibly apply for (within my skill-set of course).  And, like the hundreds of thousands of other unemployed people in the valley area (state unemployment recently announced an unprecedented high of 7%), I have heard nothing back from any of them.  Surprised? I’m not. Every day, the news here covers unemployment. The camera hovers on a single mom with four hungry children… an interview with a college graduate with no foreseeable future… a man waiting over two months for unemployment benefits to arrive, only to be told it will be another few months of “processing”… temp agencies overrun with nowhere to redirect the masses… most retail and food-services can’t afford management…  non-profits, well, I’m surprised they’re even still alive. The malls are a few zombies short of an apocalypse.  The scope is incredible and the consequences are horrible. Competition for existing jobs is fierce as people are ravenous for a paycheck to the point of near-insanity. Resumes are sent to companies whether they’ve posted a job opening or not. Everyone in this country is bombarding and attacking every opportunity… and in the end, no one wins.

The Most Recent Recession Report

The Most Recent Recession Report

In the middle of this, I sit. I stubbornly cling to my standards when I job-hunt, because clearly those without standards aren’t doing much better. Some predict we’ll hit rock bottom soon; others don’t believe there is a bottom.  I personally don’t care to wait to find out, especially when right now is bad enough. It is disheartening to see where our country is at right  now. The economy hates us all… leaving us nothing to sustain ourselves except maybe going back to foraging for fruit, or digging for worms.



  1. Dale Sellers said,

    May 1, 2009 at 9:16 am

    Things are not much better up here in Canada. In this economy, you can be doing everything right and still not find meaningful work. So far, I’ve had to endure months of unemployment with no end in sight. It is depressing and disheartening to say the least. I’m trying very hard to keep my chin up and my sanity throughout the whole process. Like you, I feel that people just don’t seem to care about me and see value in my person. It’s too bad too because the world is missing out on all that I have to offer. I guess we’re all supposed to be either unemployed or working menial minimum wage jobs. Oh well.

  2. Amy said,

    July 16, 2009 at 8:57 pm

    Hang in there, everyone. In historical perspective–few people (excluding those that were already in poverty)–are suffering anywhere near that of our many forefathers, and people do recover. We are too used to luxuries as the normal way of life. I had acquaintences that held on to multiple cell phones, high-speed cable TV, and BOUGHT another expensive car all the while they were borrowing money from friends and falling into bankruptcy. I distance myself from these people now. I am college-educated, employed full-time, and still mow lawns on the side to keep a decent roof over my head. And I am an extremely valuable employee…even when I’m doing grunt work or working for minimum wage OR unemployed. A key perhaps to weathering this storm is to not connect your ‘value as a person’ to your wage or employment status. Yeah, yeah. The bills have to be paid–that’s a real bitch–so yeah this economy sucks. You have to be creative now. Me personally…I just collected friends and neighbors’ junk and had a yard profit $155. ONLY $155! you say. Well, tis $155 that took just my time, time that I could have spent earning nothing. I also trade my skills for other’s labor or sometimes items or favors. I fixed my friend’s car and she paid for my softball fee–labor for luxury is one way of looking at it. Trade your skills or labor for something you need–I am trying to negotiate getting some carpentry work done for my babysitting services. I’m pretty sure at about 5 months–he’ll be begging to build me a deck in exchange for just a couple of nights alone with his wife! For some–now would be the time to jet off to Europe or backpack around Asia for a year…it can apparently be done quite cheaply…if you can let go of luxuries. How about the Peace Corp? They don’t take you unless you are FREE of encumbrances–such as a house, job! Or maybe just volunteer some of your free time at an agency serving the down and out, or children and elderly. Find a way to keep a roof over your head and to eat, but more importantly find something to do with your time that you can feel good about.

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