I Made Out With a Beadnik (or two)… And I Liked It!

When life gets stressful, there is but one force capable of taking a stand against the injustice of overburdening responsibilities. This force, when harnessed properly by an individual capable of wielding it, can take any hopeless and daunting situation and make it manageable and dare I say, fun.   Creativity is this important and powerful force. At the very least, to those less capable of maintaining control, it can  take one’s mind off of problems for some amusing distractions and a fresh-start approach, as was the case yesterday when I participated in a dorm-wide beading activity.

Joining a few Beadniks gave me just the creative outlet I needed to maintain my sanity. A large table was strewn with baggies of beads of nearly every color and size. Some were basic solid colors, others were more ornate. Some were fun and odd shapes, while other were flowers, hearts, stars, and other common shapes. I spent nearly two hours mingling, laughing, and occasionally cursing as beads flew in all directions. In the end, I made out fairly well with the two necklaces shown below. I even wore the brown and orange one today and received many fabulous compliments. (Friends are so amazing!)



1 Comment

  1. February 1, 2009 at 8:48 am

    Those are lovely!
    You know, I always made *my* major professors some jewelry to remember me by…..;)

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