The Hue II by Samsung

Over the Thanksgiving Break, I decided it was time to upgrade my five-year-old cell phone for something a bit less prehistoric and a bit more reliable. Not that my Kyocera SoHo phone didn’t serve me loyally. In its simplicity, it was one of the best phones I’ve seen. It was perfect for my purposes: the occasional call home, the back-up alarm clock, and a calculator for all the basic math I really didn’t want to hassle with.

Kyocera SoHo

Kyocera SoHo

I had adapted to living with my SoHo, yet it is old. Five years of use brought with it scratched covers, cracked seams, various stains, and, the saddest of all, a battery that could barely last a single phone call. It was time to let my sweet SoHo go.

In its stead, I purchased the Samsung Hue II, a supposed new model of the Hue (a phone I had heard several complaits about). I was assured by the representative that the Hue II worked out all the bugs of its predacessor, as well as having advanced abilities and do-dads that, even after reading the manual, I still don’t understand.

Samsung Hue II

Samsung Hue II

So far, I am pleased with the Hue II, which surprised me. I liked simplicity when it came to cell phones…and this one couldn’t be further from simple with a 2 MP Camera (with video), an MP3 player (with Music Connect capabilities), customizable faceplates (blue and silver included), GPS capabilities, an optional memory slot (which the nice representative demonstrated my absolute NEED of a $30 memory card smaller than my pinky fingernail), Bluetooth, SMS messaging, something called Celltop… all in addition to my “standard” alarm clock, calculator, and midi ringtones. While it is everything a phone can be and more, I do have a few complaints.

  1. The phone has no real “note” ability to store addresses, birthdays, or other memo bits that I found as a very useful organizational tool in my SoHo.
  2. The alarm clock allows for a meager 5 minute “snooze,” which simply doesn’t cut it. My SoHo allowed for 10 minutes, which was still hardly considered enough when it comes to more sleep (what would to a food and sleep deprived zombie college student), but it was enough to adapt to. Adjusting to literally an extra wink of sleep will not be pleasant. Perhaps the alarm feature won’t be used as much in this new phone.
  3. The given ringtones on the phone are atrocious, even by my SoHo midi standards. The purpose being, in our capitalist society, to give the buyer ringtones that are SO horrible, that person will HAVE to purchase the snazzy mp3 rings just to have some sanity (which by the way, a 10 second clip of your favorite song runs about $3 on the sponsor site).  For $1, I can purchase the entire song on itunes, use bluetooth to send it to my phone, and then use it… A theory I tried, but a theory that failed. Songs are sent to the mp3 player folder rather than the ring folder. I’m sure there is a way to hack the system, but I have not yet figured it out. Just give me time… I can be very determined.

All-in-all, I am content with my new phone. It has its pros and cons, just like anything else. I do like having an mp3 player/cell phone in one. And that $30 microchip (2 GB) was a good investment because it allows me some extra tunes (say, the entire song-story of Dr. Horrible?) which can be nice when my laptop is out of reach. After leaving the store, I was $130 poorer (I’m waiting on a mail-in-rebate) and one phone richer. May the technology revolution treat you just as kindly (if not better).


I Made Out With a Beadnik (or two)… And I Liked It!

When life gets stressful, there is but one force capable of taking a stand against the injustice of overburdening responsibilities. This force, when harnessed properly by an individual capable of wielding it, can take any hopeless and daunting situation and make it manageable and dare I say, fun.   Creativity is this important and powerful force. At the very least, to those less capable of maintaining control, it can  take one’s mind off of problems for some amusing distractions and a fresh-start approach, as was the case yesterday when I participated in a dorm-wide beading activity.

Joining a few Beadniks gave me just the creative outlet I needed to maintain my sanity. A large table was strewn with baggies of beads of nearly every color and size. Some were basic solid colors, others were more ornate. Some were fun and odd shapes, while other were flowers, hearts, stars, and other common shapes. I spent nearly two hours mingling, laughing, and occasionally cursing as beads flew in all directions. In the end, I made out fairly well with the two necklaces shown below. I even wore the brown and orange one today and received many fabulous compliments. (Friends are so amazing!)