I got Mail!

Nothing pleases a college student more than a good ole piece of snail mail. In this age of technology, the bombardment of electronic messages has made their ancient predecessors all the more valuable and meaningful. My mail was particularly special as it was a package. Yet, don’t be fooled, it was not just any ordinary package. It was a package filled with stuffs. Yep, you heard me, “stuffs.” Wonderful and almost magical stuffs. Stuffs that no sane person needs; yet once owned, no sane person can live without. These particular stuffs came from a friend at another university.  Let’s explore this amazing package…

The box is smallish, about 7″x 9″x 3″. It is white and not horribly heavy. Shaking the box produces a shuffling of the stuffs. It takes a lot of stuffs to shuffle like that. Smelling the box produces nothing but the wonderful smell of recycled cardboard. I decide against licking the box (sensory description has its limitations, you know). Opening the box (thanks for all that tape, by the way), reveals a plethora of stuffs, the most obvious being a scattered pile of 10 post-its (why did we shake the box again?). Post-its are, in my opinion, the most brilliant and useful widgets ever. Shuffled with those post-its were two pens, one of which was exceptionally shiney and had its own metal case.  Also within the box was a letter opener, a magnetic paper clip holder, and a 2009 desk calendar. At this point, I am thrilled. Most of these objects are tools of the trade (my trade being writing). Yet, the stuffs didn’t end there. There were two “pens” of hand sanitizer spray (am I that germy?) and *drum roll please* two brains. Yep, two random, palm-sized brains. These are by far my favorite stuffs in the box. These two brains are foam and squishy; the purpose being to relieve stress from your brain by releasing it onto these brains. I also find it amusing that my friend sends me two spare brains right as midterm week begins. If only I could get them to grow fingers so they can help me type some papers (or eyes to help read textbooks)… a future package perhaps?


1 Comment

  1. Damon said,

    October 13, 2008 at 10:28 pm

    Haha that was good stuff hun! I am enjoying reading what you type in your blog. 😀

    P.S. Glad you didn’t lick the box…

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